Wednesday, 15 September 2010

I have a few hours spare..Shhh

Well, this is rare...a few hours to spare. I think the bustle dress wins, as it only needs a few hours work until it's finished....will post a picture when it's done...originally from a pattern I bought (oooh, I know, cheating!) but I'd rather have designed my own, just really can't squeeze it in. It's been modified, twisted and altered, so hopefully won't look too run of the mill...I'm still working on the time machine that will give me 4 hours extra between any given moment, but it's not working yet....also interesting to see if I take enough clocks apart (to make a Steampunk necklace for Whitby this year)...will time cease to exist, or slow down....mmm

Sunday, 12 September 2010

Well, here goes

So, for...Oooh ages I've been boring my friends with tales of my adventures and artistic pursuits...and thought what better time than the present to share my nonsensical lifestyle with the rest of the world....